Smart Wokingham Recovery Service
provides a range of services for adults with drug and alcohol issues within the Wokingham Borough. They recognise that substance misuse does not occur in isolation and our workers are skilled in helping people to address other issues that may affect them. They are in need of few extra volunteers to help with the painting of their centre in Wokingham Town Centre on Saturday 20th May. Please contact us ASAP if you are interested.

Remap makes bespoke aids and adaptations for the disabled that are not commercially available to help them in their personal care, hobbies, mobility, sport etc. Remap has been operating nationally since 1965 and consists of about 80 Panels (branches) and 4000 volunteers.  The Berkshire Panel covers Berkshire. When assigned a job, the volunteer will visit the client (with medical professional is appropriate) to agree what is required, design and make it, and then hand it over to the client. Depending on complexity, several visits may be required. Jobs are assigned as they are received from clients to which ever volunteer is available, has the right skills and lives in the neighbourhood (to minimum travel). Hours are determined by the volunteer around their own and the clients availability, and so can be arranged around a full-time job.

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